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I have been representing disabled people since 1989, and am both experienced and dedicated to this work. I sincerely enjoy working with Social Security disability claimants and I find it very rewarding to help them become self-sufficient.

I would like you to come to my many, nation-wide offices and talk about your disability claim. However, in the meantime I can explain a few things about the Social Security Disability process on this website.

The five steps in the evaluation process for Social Security disability benefits

These five steps are taken in sequence, so that if you do not satisfy step one or step two then the process is over and the Social Security Administration concludes that you do not qualify for disability benefits.

Step one

Are you working? If you are working, then the Social Security Administration does not consider you to be disabled. However, there are some exceptions because the Social Security Administration will look at your job and consider whether it is “substantial” and “gainful.” Work may not be substantial if it involves only minimal duties. Work may not be gainful if it is not the kind of work usually done for pay or profit.

If you don’t have a job, then there is no problem with step one. If you have a regular job and are getting a paycheck, then the Social Security Administration will not consider you to be disabled. The middle ground where this issue can be more complicated occurs sometimes with people who are working for relatives or are self-employed.
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Step two

Is your impairment medically severe, and has it lasted or is it expected to last for 12 months (or result in death)? This step is generally easy to determine. The complicated situations are when a medical problem is intermittent so that it comes and goes.

Step three

Does your impairment meet or equal one of the impairments listed by the Social Security Administration? This requires comparing your symptoms with the symptoms of certain identified impairments.

Step four

Are you able to do your “past relevant work”? This step requires an analysis of your “residual functional capacity.”

Step five

Are you able to do other work? Similar to step four, this step requires an analysis of your “residual functional capacity.”

Let me help your disability claim

I have been representing Social Security disability claimants for years, and I would like to represent you.

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